Special Events

The Co-op preschool isn’t just a place to drop your kids off, it becomes a friendship. There are special gatherings all year long that are fun to attend with these new friends.

Playdates at the Park
During the summer, YCP members can meet at organized park playdates at local parks. These park days have helped incoming students meet some of their future classmates and gives continuing students a chance to see some of their old friends that they may have missed during the summer.

Fall VIP Party
is a great way to meet the other parents near the beginning of the school year. It is also an opportunity for a child to introduce a very important person in their life to their preschool.

Field Trips
During the school year there are one to two field trips per semester.  On field trip days, students and their adult meet at the field trip location.  A typical fall field trip is to an apple orchard and a typical spring field trip is to a farm.

Holiday Party
Before class ends for the winter break, we get together for a holiday potluck. The children provide the entertainment, with each class singing a song, so bring the cameras!

The Fours class members celebrate their graduation from preschool during the last day of class. During a short ceremony, Ms. Mieke will give each student a diploma.

Ice Cream Social
Held after the end of the school year, it is a time for students and families that just finished the school year to enjoy a social time together.  It is a time for incoming families to meet former, current and other incoming families.

Yard Sale/Bake Sale
Held during the Normal Park Yard sales, it is a way of raising extra funds for our school.  Families bring items to be sold and all proceeds go to the school.

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