We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our son to YCP. He’s grown so much both academically and socially that it’s sometimes hard to fathom.

Lisa H.

We love YCP! The cooperative model fosters a sense of community and we enjoyed being a part of the school. Ms. Mieke is warm and caring; she demonstrates great patience and takes the time to know each child individually. Our daughter always looked forward to going to class and her unique needs were consistently met. The Montessori curriculum allows each child to work at their own level and pace. The school atmosphere is bright and cheerful. We recommend YCP to any family looking for a school they can really be involved in!

The Burpee Family

Mieke has a wonderfully calm demeanor and can manage preschoolers expertly! She’s a joy to have and I’ve enjoyed the three years I’ve known her.

Mary Beth Maes

I’ve found the 3’s class to be a very natural transition from home to a gentle school environment. The 4’s class is an extension of that, including many preliteracy skills. Ms. Meike excels at planning the lessons and activities as well as interacting with the students.

Keri Middaugh

My son has enjoyed himself so much this year. I love the personable feeling of the facility. I think my son feels like it’s a friend he is visiting as opposed to a school.

Kandy Frederick

I like that Mieke connects with each child personally every day – through greeting them at the door, calling them by name, making observations to them about their work, etc. Mieke also uses an array of teaching tools and methods.

Kelly Van Ee

The teacher is excellent…always patient and kind even while enforcing rules. She is very knowledgeable about children’s milestones and know when to express concern. She does her best to be sure the kids have fun and learn at the same time!”

Amy and Eric Lionquist

The best part about joining the YCP is that our daughter gets to socialize with other kids as well as learn from them. She started talking with more clarity. I am really happy with our teacher, Ms. Mieke, whom we can say is a big source of encouragement for the kids…

Swapna & Salil Kadam

We were new to the area when we enrolled our daughter in YCP. A friend at church told us about this great pre-school in Ypsi (YCP, of course!), and for that I am very thankful. We met so many friendly people with children our kid’s age. It’s been a super experience all the way around.

Laura and Jake

The Montessori format of the class really drew us to the school. It gives kids a chance to be themselves and explore, while introducing them to structure and the classroom environment. The cooperative element was also really important to us. I loved being involved in the classroom, watching them learn, grow and play, seeing them make their first friends. Having the opportunity to take the first few steps of your child’s educational journey with them is a beautiful thing. We have made, and are still making many cherished memories at YCP.

Dannielle Murphy

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